In contrast to trainings and seminars, where the focus is on learning and growing, my workshops tackle a specific challenge. We jointly develop strategies, concepts and approaches to overcome this issue.

What I offer

Individual concept development

Including the definition of core question(s) and objectives, group of participants, methodology, time, and process planning.


E.g. preparation of workshop materials, conducting stakeholder interviews, coordination, etc.

Implementation and moderation

Facilitation and steering of agenda, exercises and discussions as well as documentation


Processing of results

Documentation and definition of next steps, support in communication or implementation

Example Workshop Formats

Here are three formats that have worked well in the past

Incoming Leader Lab

This format is aimed at leaders in a new position with high responsibility. In a tandem or in a small circle with your key supporters, we will develop your agenda for the first six months, define your strategy, key tasks and projects, and the involvement of key interfaces and stakeholders.

Team Growth Hacking Workshop

The Team Growth Hacking Workshop focuses on the growth of the team. In interactive, rotating stations, previously defined issues – such as optimizing communication, motivation or collaboration – are analyzed and solutions (“hacks”) are developed.

Culture Lab

The Culture Lab is about the current and future culture of the organization or team. Together, we define the target culture and how it is currently perceived. The necessary measures are derived from the gap between the current and target state.

Your topic is not covered? Please reach out to discuss your need.